Surgery Center EMR/EHR

A Custom Solution for Surgery Center Practices

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1st Providers Choice's fully-integrated, industry-leading Surgery Center EMR/PM software was designed with the help of experienced industry specialists and IT experts. Our software solution is intuitive and feature-rich and has succeeded in reducing the learning curve for surgery center providers and their staff.

Our Surgery Center EMR software is fully customizable. Providers can create patient records in the format they feel most comfortable with - whether it's using templates, transcription, dictation, or writing the notes by hand.

Our practice management system allows for automated billing, streamlined appointment scheduling, efficient check-in and check-out, and more. Our EMR-integrated patient portal allows patients to update demographic information, request prescription refills, view available appointments and communicate securely with their provider from the convenience of their own home.

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Surgery Center EMR Features

Industry Leading EMR Support

1st Providers Choice provides technical support services to all of our Surgery Center EMR clients. We employ professional, certified IT technicians that have experience working with surgery center facilities like yours.